Disclaimer: This is a personal list. Any and all links have both things I agree and disagree with. As with any information out there, take it with a grain of salt to see if the content personally applies to you. Some of these things/places/people may even chastise me for promoting them or grouping them on the same page. Exposure is the goal and these starting points will likely lead you to other resources that potentially serve your needs. As Bruce Lee said: Absorb what is useful, discard what isn’t, and add your own mix to it.





AKA Exercise prescription. Find simple advice on form, nutrition, and other fitness related topics.
FDA Alerts
The latest in USA food product recalls
Gimme The Good Stuff
We can never really say with certainty what companies will actually put in their products, but here’s a simple start for the conscious consumer.
Eat This Much
Free meal planner with recipes and instructions for your goals
Juice Recipes
Wanna see what the juicing is all about? Start here
Although flooded with product pushing lately, still a great resource for those who enjoy self training. Archived articles have some really good stuff for those who enjoy a good peruse. Introduced me to some of the industry’s greatest. Don’t know where to start? Try this article.
Starting Strength Videos
Much insight from an industry veteran in terms of barbell training. The Platform series is where to start. You don’t have to like Mark or all of his methods. But there’s alot of tips/tricks/experience to take from many of the videos.
Plant Based on A Budget
Self Explanatory.
Balanced Concepts
A large collection of health/food related files, probably more than you can handle