Massage Therapy


Most of my clients can tell you the amount of time I invest in teaching self care techniques (foam rolling, breathing, mobility drills). They might also tell you that they just don’t have the time or commitment to keep a consistent routine. As I encountered this road block time and time again, becoming a massage therapist was the next logical path to take as I could then take the reins manually. This achieves faster results and is the perfect complement to training

Some of the most common issues I can help with:

  • Mobility (touching toes for example)
  • Lower back pain (sitting at work too much/footwear)
  • Shoulder/hip pain (Usually an imbalance)
  • Headaches/Migraines (Neck is under constant tension from Chest/abs)

Because I am also a trainer, I can both treat muscle imbalances and cement new patterns to keep the changes in tact. Clients will be given homework because even the best therapists can’t help you 24/7. Whether you are active or not, alignment will dictate the majority of your well being and that is a central theme. My aim is to first get you aware of your imbalances while providing sustainable solutions.


Massage techniques will be used based off specific needs. This can range from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial/Active Release, Trigger Point, Neuromuscular, etc. Clients will experience the benefits of all while receiving explanations of what’s going on and sometimes even participating in the process. Of course, you’re always free to fall asleep too!


If This is Your First session

Please fill out and bring the following forms for our first meeting.

Client Information

Body Map

What To Wear:

  • You will be draped during the session. Tight/short underwear is ideal for proper leg work.
  • Please come to your session showered and do not use body lotion/deodorant before your session.

 (CMT #75095)


90 Minute Session


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You may also be able to book a session with me at TempleWork LA if you’re near Atwater Village.

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