Parking is free on the lot. It can get full but the flow is very fast. There are additional spots behind the plaza next to the fire station you can use. Plenty more spots if you are willing to walk as well.

TIP: Try to park in front of the building if possible. The parking spots facing the street (Ave 24) are frequently double parked so you may get blocked in. This place is a hub for the locals so they’re usually cool about it and know who’s blocking who: Just something to keep in mind if you’re in a hurry.

TIP: The ramp on Ave 24 is steep so if you have a low car you may want to exit through Pasadena Ave,  just keep in mind there’s more traffic on that side. SOME CURBS are very tall so don’t park too close if you care about your bumper.

Parking is generally empty 8am and earlier, packed from 9am -1pm. Random from 2-4, eases up around 4-5pm and mostly empty after 6pm.

Green = Free 1 hour parking on the lot, 2 hour on the street
Blue = 2 hour meters
Red = Thrift store, park as last resort
Orange = Someone may park behind you and block you in
Pink = Ideal parking spots



Typically in the afternoon there’s lots of double parking. Do not park on the outer side if you are in a rush to leave.

DSC_7945 DSC_7947

Suite 104

It looks closed, but that’s just for privacy :)