Suggested Films


After watching these you should have a good idea of where we stand on our ecology, health, and nutrition. Don’t take anything as gospel and use all the information with care. All of these have someone profiting behind the scenes so there will be biases. However, If things resonate with your beliefs and experiences, it can only aid you in figuring out a healthier life. That said, prepare to be very uncomfortable. If you have no patience for this, the summary is EAT MORE VEGETABLES!


What The Health 2017
Spiritual sequel to Cowspiracy with a much more aggressive pace. By now you won’t know what to believe. One things certain, commercial farming isn’t helping, the medical industry isn’t helping, and corporations are awful as usual. There is also a nice followup from Paul Chek applauding/criticizing segments of the film.

That Vitamin Movie 2016
The solution to many of today’s ailments can be simpler and cheaper than often thought. Evidence over time has proven it over and over again. See what the fuss is about.

Pink Ribbons Inc 2012
What happens when trends, organizations, and movements get too big? Someone wants to profit.


Fed Up 2014

If you or someone you know is obese (Especially kids) or on their way to being so, please give this a watch. I couldn’t count the times i kept sighing and shaking my head.

That Sugar Film 2015
If you liked SuperSize Me, this is right up there with it as a self experiment.


Cowspiracy 2014
Will show you why no amount of water you try to save will have any effect on our environment as long as agriculture continues the way it is. A little strong on the vegan agenda but that’s entirely up to you whether you want to follow that. Still a great watch and will make you second guess any environmental organization support you may have given.

Hungry For Change 2012
If you are looking for a different perspective on dieting, health, and beauty.
Forks Over Knives 2011
A film documenting the effects of excessive animal product consumption. Promotes a whole foods plant based diet that trump medicine when it comes to cancer reversal and health preservation.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2010

The Journey of a man who fasted by juicing for 60 days. He loses 90 lbs and helps another man go from over 400 to 200 lbs. The success is real, however, recent news and a sequel reveal that the other man gained most of the weight back. The takeaway for me is to never be too comfortable. When you are content, you are more likely to slip or take irreversible risks (marriage, expensive investments, moving, etc). Always have a backup plan and never get cocky. Don’t just reach your goals, live them daily.

Food Matters 2008
Here’s a thought: Foods rich in micronutrients (fruits, veggies, nuts, etc) can arrest and even reverse cancer, diabetes, and other ailments. Doesn’t that sound better than drugs, surgery, and radiation? Your body is your best defense, provided you properly fuel it. Give this a watch for more on that idea.

Food Inc 2008
A must watch. Most have seen or heard of this, make sure you aren’t left out. Anything said in this is probably much worse now.

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