Nothing fancy

I enjoy training and hope to help others enjoy it too.

If you are ready to challenge yourself, to push through, and all that other good stuff, I welcome you.

If you have been waiting for private training environment where you can focus distraction and stress-free, this will be your new home. If you have been unsure where to begin, I am here to give you that extra push to get things going.

Whatever motivation or drive it is that has led you here, I am here to keep that fire alive. Through movement, strength, and friendship, I hope you will get more than you asked for or thought possible. Come train pressure-free, in privacy, and at your own pace.

There aren’t too many things in life that you can control, but your body is the one thing you arguably have the most control of. Whether you nourish it or neglect it, it won’t complain. It is your unconditional loving friend, so why not return the favor?

Why pick me?

I am the manager and the janitor. This boring site design and the text you are reading right now is all done by me. Because it is a one man show you have immediate access to me – no middleman. I am accountable for keeping the place tidy, scheduling, training, looking pretty, and answering all questions/concerns/feedback. This means you’d figure it out right away if I ever BSed you. This is as personal as it gets. There is no long term commitment or sneaky cancellation policies. Everything is outlined from day 1.


I don’t care about being right, I’m not here to prove you wrong or to show off. Make sure you have your core values in place because my training tends to reveal all obstacles and faults that will come our way. Realize that 90% of anything anyone can teach you is already online. What you come here for is a realtime, one on one, personal service. All the videos, blogs, infographics, and motivational quotes in the world won’t do anything if your mind is not in the game. If fact, trying to keep up with these things usually stresses everyone out. When you’re here, the focus is you and you only. My service is meaningless if you don’t come in fully committed. There is no magic, I have no secrets or shortcuts. This will be a grind, and it will be the most rewarding endeavor if you’re truly ready, or a wasteful regret if you don’t take it seriously. I’ve had clients lose 15-30lbs steadily and some yoyo-ing for an entire year. Which will you be? Don’t tell me you want it, show me :)

Summary/Mission Statement

Let me make you your own trainer. My goal is for you to learn everything I know while skipping the hours of trial and error I’ve done. I am always learning and so should you! I want to get you healthier, stronger, and armed with a new perspective on fitness that will smash all your initial goals. More importantly, you won’t need me forever and your changes are both sustainable and adaptable.

I bring the experience, but the results are in your hands.


About Michael