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Michael Lam
Personal Trainer certified by AAAI/ISMA
CPR and AED certified by AHA
Certified Massage Therapist CAMTC #75095

born and raised in Lincoln Heights

Graduated UCI with a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering

Worked 1.5 years at a computer company.

Did ok, but realized I didn’t enjoy that path. Enjoyed working out after work more than work itself so I played with the idea of becoming a personal trainer. Putting my whim to the test, I got my certification and worked for a year at the LAFitness in Culver City. Although not ideal,  I learned a lot, met some awesome people, was treated well, and soon had a clear idea of how I wanted to do training.

Thus Offline Fitness was born.

What’s in the name? Two meanings actually:

Well first it reflects my personal life. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you the kind of hermit I am. However I am good one on one and by no means anti-social. I like to call it selectively social. Fear not, I don’t bite and my smile is backed by some epic dimples.

I’m a bit of a PC zombie, but as much as I am online, I prefer to be anonymous in the digital world. I jump in and out of online gaming and forums for my personal hobbies without ever revealing my identity. That remains true today, I don’t plan on having my online handles relate me to this endeavor.

I do not personally have my own an account on facebook, twitter, or instagram, just for business.

It’s really the stuff you do offline and for yourself that provide the most. When you aren’t surfing the web or sharing every minute of your life, you get some time for introspection and really begin turning the cogs to plan and build your life. It’s something we’re all beginning to lose so I hope to bring that back into focus.

The second meaning: Getting off the line of certainty. Sure you can follow the footsteps of everyone else as it is safe, predictable, and comfortable, but many have also found their own paths and succeeded – I hope to be one of them. So join me by getting out of line :P

I don’t have any lofty goals. I don’t want to be the next LAFitness, Crossfit, P90x, or the next Youtube fitness sensation. I’m not out to save the world, just here to help those I encounter. Maybe a future gym will surface from this endeavor, but I’d rather let this business fail over getting desperate for attention/money. This is the what distinguishes me from the rest, I won’t let my venture become anybody else’s burden.

Big note: I’m very bland. I don’t party, I don’t live lavishly. Very frugal, and stealthy in public. I’m selfish, I’m not out to spread a movement or trend because I don’t want the publicity. A local reputation is all I can ask for and even then it might already overwhelm me. I don’t keep up with what’s popular so it may be hard to share interests with me. However, I’m a very good listener, friendly, and transparent. If you are looking for a high energy boot camp sort of trainer, then I may not be for you, I do get pretty hype when you kickass with the weights though :P

But enough about me, come check the place out :)

My greatest offer is my sincerity, you will pick up on that right away.

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