Consultation is $100

It typically includes a small workout so dress comfortably! Text or email to make an appointment.

Subject to change at any time

Per Session
Nutrition Coaching
Accountability/Progress Checks

All sessions are forfeited after 3 months of inactivity.

I will refund unused sessions if requested in time.

Sessions are 1 hour long

*Programs follow a structure of:

Preparation: Teaching all basic movements and exercises, correctives, mobility, etc. This can be the shortest or longest phase depending on the client’s experience, commitment, and restrictions/imbalances.
Strength: Progressive loading of techniques and concepts taught in Preparation work
Recovery/Mobility: Foam rolling, stretching, release. Part of preparation and constantly revisited to cement healthy habits.
Volume: Higher Reps, more sets, less weight, conditioning work.
Specialization: Focus on Client’s goals whether it be aesthetics, strength, endurance, etc and mixing/matching the above phases.

Of course, variables come into play and things hardly go as scheduled, but the more we plan the better!

Thanks for your consideration,