Warning: These videos are intended for current/past clients or anyone I have worked with. It is assumed that you have already done the exercises/drills at least once with me. Some instructions, phrases, or cues may sound vague or out of context because they are more of a review than introduction. As a reminder, please consult your physician before beginning any new exercise or diet program.



Wall Y Slides
Promotes Scapular Upward Rotation, Posterior Tilt, Retraction, and Serratus Activation
Cat Camel Mobility Drill
T and Lumbar Spine Mobility
T Spine Rotation Mobility Drill
Great for any day and decreases your chances of pulling your lower back


Pull Combo 1
Try this at the gym if possible, replace pullups/rows with bars/trx/dumbbells as needed
Birddog Progressions
Just as important as the deadbug. If you find your pelvis tilting alot, try rolling out your glutes/piriformis
Deadbug Progressions
You really ought to do these every day. Good for back/knee pain, squatting, and toe touches.
Around The World
Good for metabolic/coordination days




Lunge and Rotate with Reach
Our Usual Warmup Drill




Close relationship with the IT Band for Knee problems
Very problematic muscle
Medius and Piriformis
SMR Pec Minor
If you sit at a desk alot, this one critical, and it's gonna hurt
SMR Lats
Good for upper body days, usually improves shoulder flexion by tons
Smr Quad (Rec Fem)
Along with the IT band, can have a big influence on knee pain
SMR Calves
Don't forget to breathe
Forearm extensors release