Cushioning aggressive knurls


I have a pair of adjustable dumbbells that go up to 100 lbs each. Being cheap and from China they have extremely sharp knurls (the grip pattern). We’re talking bleeding hands if used too long and crushing your finger’s bones. Chalk helped a little but made a mess and needed constant application. I had some amazing tape lying around that I previously used to wrap my loose First Aid Kit Clamps. After wrapping it around the dumbbells, the sharpness is gone entirely. It feels smooth yet grippy. The texture protrudes through the tape but does not dig into the skin. It’s really like night and day. So if you ever purchase a barbell or dumbbell without trying it first and it feels too rough for you, this is a great workaround. I had the half inch model laying around, but the 2 inch version is definitely the better choice. Best of all, it’s completely reusable since it only adheres to itself. So if you need to redo the wrapping, or transfer it to another dumbbell/bar, it just peels right off. For the leftover amount of tape, just google the many different uses they’re good for. A client of mine recently cut her finger and used medical tape and gauze. After giving her some tape, she saved a ton of money by using paper towels and the reusable tape :D

Warning: If your barbell has a coating such as black oxide or zinc, the tape may pull some of it off, so if this is an issue for you, stick to steel or chrome bars or wait for your bars to wear out normally first before applying it.