3x per week

This is the most ambitious program. Anyone who tells me they want 3 to 5 times a week will usually end up doing 2 or less times a week, and that’s just how life goes I guess lol.

I’ve only had 2 clients so far who managed to do 5x a week and that’s because they were on vacation. So if you have that luxury, we can work out a great deal, otherwise we’ll see if you can manage three times a week first :P

Coming three times a week means we cover many things very fast and the plan is to get you out on your way ASAP. We’ll have a program written out for you in no time once the fundamentals are established. If you enjoy your time here and want to stick around I thank you in advance :)

Typically 3x a week clients have a timetable in mind, whether it be 3 months just to be committed,  a wedding coming in 5 months, or a bet in x months. A tangible due date is usually the catalyst for this.

I will cover all the movements mentioned in 1x and 2xweek and very quickly go into the specializing mode if everything goes as planned. Once I figure out your strengths/limitations I will write your program for you because typically after the due date clients want a plan to take with them as they transition into independence.

Realistically, I have found 3x a week clients to be the busiest and most mentally drained. Any homework I assign, suggestions, and plans that we work out together usually go out the window. You may have the go-getter attitude, but in practice it usually gets jumbled in the mix of your life and training goes on the backburner. Choose carefully, because you don’t want to waste either of our time. For the most part, regardless of the perks and features I offer, really just showing up will make the difference.


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