Once a week

Typically once a week means training is either low priority or supplementary to your routine. If you intend to train with me only once a week as a complete beginner, keep in mind you may not see the results you are looking for. Working out once a week and expecting amazing results is like showing up to your job once a week and expecting to get paid normally, so make sure you have a bigger plan in mind

Most of my once a weekers have to be extra strict on the diet side of things because of the lower level of activity for the week.

However, I also have a few clients who check in once a week for more corrective work and form check. They already hit the gym 2 or 3 times on their own and just want to make sure they’re doing everything properly. Some may use the session as time for foam rolling and mobility work that they otherwise would not have time for during the week.

On my part, I will take a much more educational approach. We won’t really be shooting for sets and reps and instead focus on quality of movement.

I have clients who tell me up front they aren’t looking to get ripped or toned or anything, they just want to make sure they are working out properly and being active – totally cool with me and I prefer clients who know exactly what they want so I can cater specifically to their needs. No need for me to showoff or get fancy :)

Finally, some may use this as a period to get familiar training with me and may choose to add additional sessions later.

We will try to follow a program emphasizing the basic movements: Push, Pull, Squat, Hinge, Lunge, Twist, Bracing. When these basics are established we can get into more isolated and specialized exercises. But for the most part, keeping it simple to the big movements will do plenty for the average person. Keep in mind if you miss a week you really end up missing 2 weeks, which may require us to constantly review things and slow the program plan down.


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