The Ultimate Program: SU

What is SU? Nothing new

Stable Unstable? NO!

Sexy Underwear? WRONG!

SU is the most simple and undeniably proven program both empirically and scientifically. SU is wait for it….


It doesn’t matter what program you’re following,  what food you’re buying or making. If you aren’t on time, if you aren’t in time, why does it matter whether you were going to do Cardio or Weight Training? You’re not there? you’ve already failed. You bought the ticket and missed the flight, sorry! The plane isn’t going to wait for little ole late you because you aren’t special. Your body and health is the same, it’s not going to punish you immediately, but it sure is going to hit hard when it does.

Remember, this program is simple, not easy. Distinguish the two because there’s a fine line. Things are going to get in the way, but more often than not, it’s the way we handle the obstacles that separate the great from the late. Will you work around it? Compromise? Or put it off for another day? Don’t blame others, don’t even blame yourself! Learn and adapt. The more you fail, the faster you recover. But that can’t happen if you don’t show up to begin with.

Count the times you regretted skipping VS the times you regretted getting it done. Hmm?

Take care!

Show up, and keep showing up my friend