Is this right for you?

-Anyone who has the curiosity or interest is welcome to explore and inquire ♥
-Please speak English because I probably can’t coach in any other language :P

Who usually joins?: Clients who just want some general fitness/wellness help in a private setting. I specialize in strength and fat loss, but my main goal is to help clients feel better and stronger every visit. Once that foundation is set, they can pursue their specific areas of interest. Most clients who join will have mobility or pain issues and managing those are of utmost priority before beginning the fun intense stuff. If I feel it is something beyond my ability I will definitely advise professional help over going beyond my scope of practice.

Common reasons why clients join Offline:

  • Had a bad experience with previous training
  • Tired of crowded gyms, classes, parking lots, bootcamps, etc
  • Never been to a gym and wanted to start
  • Started, but lost consistency/motivation
  • Someone who already works out but feels pain/restrictions and wants improvements/tweaks
  • CLEAN: Running since 2014 with no stains to be found.

Some considerations and hard truths.
You will need to:

  • Look objectively at your current lifestyle, stressors, habits, and choices. If you are not happy with where you are at, then something needs to change. If you come into this highly resistant and seeking an easy way out, neither of us will win.
  • Learn about your restrictions, how to handle them, and most importantly actually do some homework. (99% of clients have no time/patience for homework, will you be the 1%?)
  • Accept the fact that this will be a gradual process. Rush as you may, you’ll never be satisfied and the slightest obstacles will test your resolve time and time again.
  • Grind, grind and grind again. Even if we get along, you’ll soon be bored. This will become just another routine, but one with significant results if you can stick to it.
  • Accept that this is not for everyone. Sometimes people come into training when it’s the last thing they need. If you have too many things on your plate, you will not benefit from adding another burden. Exercise at the end of the day is still stress to your body. If you do not have the proper environment for recovery, you will end up worse than where you began. I’ve had clients who started at 4 times a week, averaging 2, and ultimately leaving within a month or 2 after discovering it’s way too much of a commitment with their current lifestyle. I am always flattered and grateful to be considered for training, but some things aren’t meant to be.
  • Treat this as education. Although there are no exams, your participation and commitment is crucial. Think of it as the only class where you get to learn, get stronger, healthier, and lead a happier life. This is meant to add to your life, not take away!

TIP: To improve success, you should already commit to reducing/avoiding the following: Alcohol, soda, coffee, smoking (any form), etc. If you can tackle these obstacles before even coming for training, you will have a better shot in achieving sustainable change.


Special cases: Any person with significant limitations/needs should first consult their physician for an exercise regime before visiting to see whether or not I am able to serve them. For those with chronic pain, hernias, and the like, training may not be your priority just yet. Get checked first!


Areas I’m not great with:

Sports: I’ve never been a sporty person. I’m more of just athletic/active kind of guy. I enjoy sprinting and jumping and anything coordination intensive like martial arts. I’m super bad at jump ropes though so that’s something I’m working on.

Swimming: I can’t swim myself yet so of course I can’t help others either!

Children: Although I’m good at playing with children, training them is a different story.

Competition prep for Physique/Bodybuilding/Powerlifting: I can only assist in these as I have not competed myself. I won’t pretend to be an authority in this field.


Currently I am the sole trainer of this studio, so spots are limited. Contact soon!

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