Air Dusters – Great for Self Defense



You probably use these every now and then. But I suggest keeping many around your house if you happen to be in a bad neighborhood. We’ve all heard of inhalant abuse and fun things to try with dusters when you hold them upside down, but have you ever considered using it for self defense?

What is your current go to for self defense? Pepper spray? Pocket knife? Bat? Gun? Whatever it may be, I would make an air duster the first thing to reach for in close quarters for a several reasons:

  • Instant use: Turn it upside-down and spray, no safety to unlock
  • Cheap: Usually 10 bucks for 3 cans 10-12oz.
  • Lightweight: Anybody young and old can use it
  • No need to aim: If they have any skin exposed they will be busy squirming
  • Complement: Most self defense weapons will be 1-hand objects. Keep those around, but use the spray to set up for it first (i.e. spray them down before beating them with a stick)
  • Non Fatal: With a gun you might hesitate from killing and risk getting yourself killed first, but with this? Spray first, ask later.

It can give quick frostbite. I personally keep one in each room and also taught my parents how to use it if the need ever arises. Hopefully they remember!

Another use? I really enjoy using it to kill bugs because it freezes them, leaving no guts to clean up, and doesn’t stink up like Bug Spray would. Just make sure you don’t aim too close or the bugs will be sent flying instead. Freezing a line of ants and wiping them off is a breeze.